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5 Questions Your Resume Must Answer in the First Glance

Earlier, your resume could just skim the reader through your career summary and educational qualifications. Employers had more time to read your resumes back then. The market today does not allow the recruiter to go through your resume thoroughly and give you all the answers.
Today your resume has to do the job quickly. It needs to answer some of the basic questions quickly to make a difference. If you do not customize your resume taking out some time, your resume would not be able to do its job perfectly.

“If you have the questions in mind when you prepare your resume, you will be able to produce a more productive document that will help you in your job search.”

The Five Questions Your Resume Must Answer

To have a resume that answers all of the above questions, you need to have an impressive and customized resume.

You need to take the time to customize your resume for a specific opportunity knocking your door. It needs to give the impression that you took time and effort to pull off this resume and are genuinely interested in the opening. A junk filled resume filled with clichés or zombie language is no more impressive. It obscures your achievements and is of no use in your job hunt. It is, therefore, advisable to let the clichés and zombies move out of your resume.

How to Customize a Resume for a Specific Opportunity

What makes a resume strong? A strong resume sounds like you and every step you have taken to reach a destination. To pitch your resume to the right person, you need to ensure that your resume has the human voice to it. Otherwise, it will be directed towards the black hole.

Without fail, spread the important keywords all over so that if a machine shortlists your resume, it does that effectively. Once you pass the critical keyword test, your resume will reach the human reviewer.

To customize your resume according to the human reviewer:

Target the Job Title

At the top of the resume, target the job title. Include a career summary that describes your roles and achievements and makes the reader believe that you understand the role and would be able to handle the job well. You could tweak

your current job title to something similar described in the job description. The job title is also one of the keywords for the resume.

Additionally, tweak your skills according to the requirements of the job.

A tailored resume works, a generic one does not.

Use Similar Language Tone

Recruiters would be happy to read something familiar to them. If you give them your skills and accomplishments in a way that they work as solutions to their mentioned problems, you will surely hit the right place. Be careful about the words you pick.

Think Out-of-the-Box

As a rule, your resume should only have your education and experience listed on it. But, if you are applying for an interior design job, you could use any of your hobby and interest to get that edge.

Keep Your Focus

Your resume should reflect that you have the perfect skills matching the job requirements. But, do not go over the board exaggerating your accomplishments or skills. The consequences might not please you. As long as your resume has validated information, you should not worry about having different versions of your resume.

Proofread, Once and Again

One set of eyes would find it difficult to locate errors. Hence, before using your resume to apply, use at least three more people to go through your resume and check for any typos or

errors. A resume, even if it is most suitable for a particular job, would turn-off the recruiter if it has typos.

The Benefits of a Tailored Resume

There is no benefit if your resume sounds like every other in the job market. The benefit is when you stand out. Tailor resume in such a way that it conveys your capabilities in a powerful and interesting way.

Hope your job search gives you fruitful results!

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