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Cloud Computing

Cloud as used here, otherwise known as cloud computing, is simply the internet-based storing and accessing of data and programs instead of saving them on the hard drive of some particular computer. It makes it possible to access data using different computers and supported devices, anywhere, any time. Such flexibility and accessibility hands businesses tremendous benefits of being efficient in their payroll management. It must not be overemphasized that it is fast becoming the single most important transformer of payroll services management for businesses in Africa. The following constitute some of the ways cloud computing is positively impacting the PAYROLL in Africa.

LOW COST OF USAGE Comparatively
cloud computing offers a very low cost of services management compared to other management solutions. With cloud in place, one can afford an efficient, modern employee payment related solutions without necessarily haven to resort to accumulated wealth of the company, or incurring upfront cost in any form. For instance, the Nigerian government is reported to have saved US$ 70 million by moving its payroll functions to cloud and avoiding certain costs it used to incur in payment management in the past. Another way that cloud also ensures cheaper cost of service is through the fact that managers do not need annual permit or renewable licence of operation, hence offering easy accessibility albeit the high level of efficiency.

Today, managers and HR departments of companies can easily handle large data of employees on their payroll with ease thanks to the internet and cloud storage. This helps avoids the highly insecure paper works and pile of hardcopy documents. Irrespective of large numbers of employees on a payroll, integrating cloud with certain online services can ensure additional level of functionality which ensures efficiency and security. For instance, cloud-online service integration can be very useful in employee bank account validation and persons’ Identity verification. With that in place, managers can be sure that information of employees(even in case of large

EMPLOYEE CONVENIENCE In this time of the 21st century
most adults in the labour market especially that of Africa use smart phones(with internet access ). By signing on to cloud packages that are employee accessibility friendly, employees can easily receive ready information on their salary payment on their mobile devices. They can also file and feed in their business trip expenditure, as well as access their pay slips online using the necessary applications. Further, cloud makes it possible to build employee service platform on the company’s payroll system, hence making it easy for employees to calculate for themselves certain
deduction components on their salary. For example, it can allow employees to calculate taxes on their income using past and current rates of income tax. This helps to save employee-to-manager questions and builds employee confidence in the payroll management. Cloud can therefore be said to be greatly transforming the payroll services management of African businesses through efficiency, low cost, accessibility and convenience.

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