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How to Become a Better Job Candidate?

There is a thin difference between landing a job and not getting back a call from a potential employer. The difference can come to just a matter of details. Not following up effectively and quickly, failing proper interview skills, having a poor online presence, not building a personal brand and others can keep you from landing the perfect job.


As a job seeker, you need to realize the importance of maintaining your online presence, being flexible, brushing your interview skills and getting into a company’s culture. You need to understand the selection process thoroughly to ensure your position.


If you are looking for a job and not hearing back from the recruiters, here are some ways you can improve your job search and become a better job candidate.


#Increase Your Job Search Activity

When you are actively looking for a job, you need to get active with your job search activities. Look out for more people who can help you in your job search. Increase the number of letters and networking meetings each day.


#Select the Best Type of Resume

Choose a resume format that works the best for you. If you are looking for a job in the same industry as you are working in right now, you should use a reverse chronological resume that explains your work history and accomplishments in the industry. Skilled based resume works when you are switching industries.


#Review Your Approach

How are you approaching an employer? Do you just apply to a particular job posting using your resume and then wait? You need to review your approach and might have to add some particular measures to make your mark. Your job search might require you to network with someone in the company who can refer you. Networking not only brings your job application a step closer but also enhances your knowledge about the company and its culture that helps you get through an interview too.


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1. Learn to Accept Failure


It is a part of life and you can experience failure in your job search. This does not imply that you have to get disheartened and stop. Stay motivated and use your failure as a rock step to go a step ahead.


“Learn from your mistakes”, is a quote that makes most sense here.


2. Work on Your Brand and Image

In the digital medium of working and finding a job, having and maintain a brand image holds prime importance. It is essential that you know your unique selling preposition and use them against the competitive job market. Imagine yourself as a product and your potential employer as the customer You need to sell yourself to the customer using your skills and qualifications.


The better brand you build for yourself, greater are the chances of you landing to an interview.


3. Work on Your Social Media Presence

Today, a lot of employers go through social media profiles to take the call of shortlisting a candidate. Hence, you should keep you social media filtered or have only decent and industry related stuff on it. Yes, it is your personal account and you have all the rights to maintain it the way you want to. But, when you are out in the market, you can use the medium to stay at a competitive edge.


4. Brush-Up Your Interview Skills

Working on your resume and personal brand is one side of the story. On the other hand you also need to brush up your interview skills in order to grab the position. Prepare for common interview questions like:

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
  • Why should we hire you?


With that also be prepared for questions from your resume and industry insights. Get a hang of it before you enter the room to have a conversation with the interviewer.


5. Set Realistic Goals

Your job search should have goals that are reachable. Give yourself timelines and targets and ensure you stick to them so that you have a job within a given timeframe. It is a productive way of improving your job search and helps you move in right direction.

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