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Tips to Prepare For Your Performance Appraisal

Yes! It is that time of the year again, where the focus is completely on the gone-by year. To ensure the success of your performance appraisal, you need to be actively prepared for it. There might or might not be a self-evaluation process, you have to actively participate and not just play a passive role hearing feedback and direction from your managers.

This is your chance of broadly explaining your manager a broader picture of your roles, responsibilities and achievements and present to them a broader picture of your career goals. You need to take charge of your career goal. Here are some tips that will help you prepare for your appraisal this year.

#Collect Your Performance Data for Positive Foundation

Step up and start reviewing your job description, development and competencies plans from last appraisal and the long term goals. You should use this information as the foundation when preparing details of your areas of developments, accomplishments and strengths.

Keep your reports handy. These will help you with your accomplishments as well as your challenges. Also, review your last performance appraisal feedback to get a sense of how you have grown in terms of work in past one year.

#Refer to Your Performance Notes


It is always advisable to have a journal of your performance from the last year. List down your activities, achievements and challenges. Having this detail in hand would help you and your manager in getting a detailed view of how you have performed over the year making the process easier and faster.

#Prepare a Specific List of Accomplishments

With laying a strong foundation of your yearlong performances, you should now be ready to list down specific accomplishments. When you list them down, relate them directly to your organizational goals. Ensure that you know the ‘how’ and ‘what’ you have accomplished, keeping it brief and to the point.

Also, identify any type of challenges you went through while aiming your goals and thank people who helped you achieve the goals.

Do not just stick to your performance of last few months. Consider the entire year of performance.

When preparing the list, keep in mind your audience, your manager. What they already know and what would they like to know?

#List Down All the Training and Development Activities

Take this opportunity and let the light shine. Don’t hesitate to brag a little. Your manager may not be aware of all the great things you have taken in your plate. Remember, a lot of little things can add up to make a difference.

Use the background information during your discussion. You can even submit your preparation in advance, so

that your manager has an idea about what you are going to bring up.

#Evaluate Yourself

Good if your organization has that kind of a structure where you need to rate yourself first before your manager does. It gives you an opportunity to explain that why according to you, you deserve a certain rating. If it does not, you should do it for your own benefits.

It should be an honest evaluation. Rate yourself like would rate others on your performance.

#Know Your Areas of Development

Whilst reviewing your performance for the past year, you might have also witnessed areas where you struggled or some projects where your performance lacked. List them down. You should also be able to identify areas of development where you would like to learn and expand. Share them as your career progression.

Ask for coaching or any type of training that you think would help you cross your hurdles and help you achieve your goals.

#Have Your Goals Ready for the Coming Year

Take the leap, move a step ahead. D not for your manager to set your goals. Draft some possible goals based on your current responsibilities and what you would like to take further. You might want to broaden your knowledge, expand your duties and take in more responsibility. The final draft can be discussed in the meeting.

#Be Prepared with an Open Mind

Branch yourself to hear criticism without getting defensive. Take this as an opportunity to learn about your weaknesses and how can you overcome them.  You need to sharpen your listening skills and be able to deeply take the feedback your manager wants to share with you.

#On the Concluding Note

In the end, it is your career. You need to take the right steps to take it forward. To ensure your ongoing success and development, make the most of the opportunities that you get in your entire span. Proper preparation can help you take the next step swiftly.

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